DIY Framed mirror

My son has become a DIY handyman. Well he has always been from when he was in elementary school but I am proud of him for this fix in his new home.  They have a area in the house they moved into that has an old 70's ish feature that they do not like, This mirror. So they found a great fix...
Another mirror lol no but really a neighbor was throwing this mirror away so my son's father in law snagged it for them, Ideas started stirring around in their heads
 A little molding
 A sand job
A little paint
 Next a little glue to hold the framing together 

 A surprised look lol He is a great joker just like his father. 
 Now a good amount of glue around the mirror to hold the new frame on

A little waiting time for it to dry
 And Ta da a new feature 

So the before is above and the after is below
What a HUGE difference... I am so proud of him, He is really a great handyman. They are really doing a great job getting the house settled for their new first home! I am so excited for them! Great Job Sweetheart


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