A Scary Moment

  My husband was driving home from work last night and his hood flew up onto the windshield 
He was traveling at 65 mph when it happened and there were a lot of cars around.
 No one got hurt and my husband was able to pull over safely 
The only damage was on the hood and not too much there. I am just happy that my sweetheart came home to me! That was scary! This is an old car that is being held together by duct tape (lol not really) (well maybe)
and is old oh did I mention that already? lol yep still old, but still going. When I asked my honey if we needed to replace it he said "Why? It works great!" My husband lol he is the best but I have to laugh because I could not drive this car every day with all its problems... My husband just says "It's old black's personality" What a great attitude! I guess he is right... I/we could be walking

Update: We have discovered that the windshield does have a crack in it and it's a new windshield grrrrr


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