A Day of Mini Golf

This past weekend I spent the day at mini golf with the fam
The course was set up under a canopy of trees so the heat was not to bad
I think everyone had a great day, I know I did
Some activities are really worth repeating when they work out well and this one worked out really well
Me and Dad
My sweet husband keeps me young as usual he is cracking a joke, I love him so much

 My husband was teasing me about getting a hole in two when it took me six

My husband was going to jump in the water he said "dare me?" I said yes, he didn't lol
 My husband is a big fan of Fred Flintstone and here is his house only a man that loves you very much would crawl into the house for a picture opportunity lol and the one below!!! The bottom jaw bone was opening and closing so he said look its eating me. I have a great time when I am with my husband his funny antics make me smile and laugh... something that we all can use all the time is some good laughing

All in all it was a very fun, relaxing day spent with the ones I love! 


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