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Gumby's Pokey

Talk about an antique toy... This Pokey is very old, I can remember playing with this guy over forty years ago. It's odd to think that a toy is now considered an antique when I played with it as a child... I guess I have become an antique as well LOL!

Summer Bounty

Watermelon sweet watermelon is one of the best things about summer for me It's juicy Sweet  and makes a big mess Love, Love, Love watermelon! 

Jessica's Chicken Crock Pot Fiesta

This is my dear, sweet, fun, vibrant, and full of life friend that I miss so much! (now that I have moved three hours away) Miss your smile and good humor Jessica.

The other day she made a post on Face Book about a recipe that she was having for that night's dinner and It sounded really yummy and extremely easy to make. So I purchased the ingredients last night and got down to work. I made one crock pot for my husband for work today and one for our dinner tonight. (It was a hit at my husbands work)
This picture is Jessica's sweet adorably cute son... He is sooooo cute
I just put him in here for the cuteness factor lol. He went to lunch with us one day and we were there for around two hours and he was a gem the whole time! His smile just warms my heart! I can hardly wait until I am a Nana and have a sweet little peanut of my own to cuddle! I love baby's

Okay on to my post... below are the ingredients that I purchased  Here's a list of what Jessica said to purchase 1. 5…

New Bedspread

My mother in law has been in search for a new bedspread to fit her odd sized bed... She has been looking for months when she came across two twin size bedspreads that she had packed away from the early 1980's (She said they are thirty years old but you can not tell because they are in great shape!) So my father in law had an idea... He took the twin spreads and cut the ruffle off of the side of both spreads and then took out moms sewing machine and stitched them together... But he was not finished yet... He (with the help of mom) stitched these valences out of the ruffle he cut off the spreads... Wow now that made a cool matching set for the bedroom... I was very happy to see the job he did... I had no idea that he was so creative or could sew
I love it and they really look good together in their bedroom! Good job Popy

DIY Framed mirror

My son has become a DIY handyman. Well he has always been from when he was in elementary school but I am proud of him for this fix in his new home.  They have a area in the house they moved into that has an old 70's ish feature that they do not like, This mirror. So they found a great fix... Another mirror lol no but really a neighbor was throwing this mirror away so my son's father in law snagged it for them, Ideas started stirring around in their heads  A little molding  A sand job A little paint  Next a little glue to hold the framing together 

 A surprised look lol He is a great joker just like his father.   Now a good amount of glue around the mirror to hold the new frame on
A little waiting time for it to dry  And Ta da a new feature 

So the before is above and the after is below What a HUGE difference... I am so proud of him, He is really a great handyman. They are really doing a great job getting the house settled for their new first home! I am so excited for them! Great Job Swee…

Bird Houses

I found these really fun and cute bird houses today, I love them! This one is like a bakery it's even weathered like an old time ghost town building  This one is weathered but it is in the shape of an carousel, inside is a tube that you fill with seed for the birds to eat And this last one is a home for this little flying insect... Can you guess what it is? It's kind of hard to tell by the picture but it is a wasp. I watched three leave the house and come back to the nest inside. I was so lucky to capture this one just as it exited the house. So cool

Construction Crew

Today some stuff needed to me moved and the dust was high!!!!!!  So my two men suited up and got to work  It was like 400 degrees out side today and they were still troopers in their suits   I had a little fun and wrote on their backs Spell Team lol they were patient to stand still long enough for a picture  And here is our Superman lol he stayed the longest moving things around! That's something to say for youth lol

New Tires

Last night after coming home to these two cuties I sat down to a home made meal that my sweet husband had ready for me when I came in. A BBQ hit the spot after a long day... after my delicious meal I sat down to the computer to check up on things and my husband said to me "I am going to check something on your car I will be right back." He gave me a peck on the cheek and went out the door. 
He does that a lot so I didn't give it a second thought
Thirty five minutes later I got to wondering what was taking him so long so I went out side and this is what I found. I said "what are you doing?" He said "Changing your tires" OH My Goodness He had purchased a whole new set of tires for my truck because I felt uneasy while driving because the old tires were coming apart and I hadn't told him until yesterday morning. So he had the tire company install brand new tires on his car at work and then when he came home and after dinner he snuck outside and chang…