Warning Sign

Have you ever gone to a take out place and stopped at the window to pick up your food?

Did you ever look at the signs on the windows?

Sitting and waiting for my food to be brought to me I read this sign that I have seen before but never read and when I read it I was shocked.

I am glad that they are posting this information for us but "WHAT?" hummm

The disturbing part about all this is that this sign states that they have known cancer causing chemicals in their food! DID YOU GET THAT? KNOWN CHEMICALS TO CAUSE CANCER GRRRRR

Makes me stop and think how bad do I want to eat here ever again and does any body else read this? Is anyone else disturbed like me?


  1. OMG I have never seen a sign like that here in Australia...I don't think I could knowingly ever eat there again...good they let you know but why even serve that kind of food???



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