New Place

 My son and daughter in law just got a new place and they are setting up nicely (here are my husband and son relaxing on the porch)

 This house is over 100 years old. Here is a feature that is cute, instead of a over head lamp they have a couple on the wall but later years they have added ones on the ceiling 
This is the light switch. The top one is on and the bottom off. I have to admit I have never seen a light switch like this but it is really cool
 All of the wood in the house is original and still in excellent shape. When I told my son that they needed to fix the door he said that is a sign of how old the wood is. He said that this is the varnish or stain coming out of the wood. All of the doors and trims inside the house look like this. It looks funny up close but in real life it looks cool. It is hard and still under the top coat of sealer protecting glaze.
 This bush is over 100 years old too I think it is an Gardenia bush
My son you have done a great job!


  1. What great character that house has...hope they don't lose that character as they set about making it their own cosy nest. xx


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