Little Children and Clover Flowers

I came home tonight and found the neighbor girls (6 & 8) in my yard picking the clover flowers in my grass. They ran away as if they were in trouble into their back yard to hide. Poking their heads around the fence to see my reaction I told them to please pick as many clover flowers as they would love too
Giggling they ran to the grass and started picking flowers again and told me that they were making a flower castle in their back yard. So cute and they were so happy to be allowed to pick more. When I went out to check the mail later the two girls were both walking up my drive bringing me some of the clover flowers as a thank you gift for letting them pick the flowers.
It was so touching to me that they wanted to give me the flowers... With great big smiles they handed the flowers over to me like I was receiving a gold crown and with great expectations that I would love the offered gifts. (they were not dissapointed) Small children are soooo special and sweet! They love life to the fullest and are pure of heart and it makes me smile and warms my heart! I thank God for little children!


  1. That is a sweet neighborly thing to do . xxx


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