Freaky Summer Weather

The day started out HOT 105 but was nice
All of a sudden a dark cloud arrives over head and it starts raining our 105 temp dropped to 65
All this happened within a half an hour
The darker the clouds got the worse the weather. We had hail, lightning, wind, and flash floods
It was crazy kind of like a freak storm
Here you can see that the water is starting to collect faster than it can drain off the road
It's hard to see here but the side wall there is sliding onto the highway causing problems
Here it is so thick that if you tried to cross the street here you would be swept off your feet
 Then an hour later it all stops and the sun comes out
The temp did not get back up to 105 but it did reach 85 again... Love the rain!!!


  1. Wow freaky indeed ....not good for driving in though.



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