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Freaky Summer Weather

The day started out HOT 105 but was nice All of a sudden a dark cloud arrives over head and it starts raining our 105 temp dropped to 65 All this happened within a half an hour The darker the clouds got the worse the weather. We had hail, lightning, wind, and flash floods It was crazy kind of like a freak storm Here you can see that the water is starting to collect faster than it can drain off the road It's hard to see here but the side wall there is sliding onto the highway causing problems Here it is so thick that if you tried to cross the street here you would be swept off your feet  Then an hour later it all stops and the sun comes out The temp did not get back up to 105 but it did reach 85 again... Love the rain!!!

Empty Robins Egg

I found this really pretty Robins egg on the ground but no worries it is empty  What a really pretty color
The egg is intact except for the small crack on the right top side. I wonder how the mother knew that the egg was empty? I guess that is something inside of the mother birds, something that tells them this egg is not right. Then when they toss eggs over the side of the nest we get to see them up close.

New Place

My son and daughter in law just got a new place and they are setting up nicely (here are my husband and son relaxing on the porch)

 This house is over 100 years old. Here is a feature that is cute, instead of a over head lamp they have a couple on the wall but later years they have added ones on the ceiling  This is the light switch. The top one is on and the bottom off. I have to admit I have never seen a light switch like this but it is really cool  All of the wood in the house is original and still in excellent shape. When I told my son that they needed to fix the door he said that is a sign of how old the wood is. He said that this is the varnish or stain coming out of the wood. All of the doors and trims inside the house look like this. It looks funny up close but in real life it looks cool. It is hard and still under the top coat of sealer protecting glaze.  This bush is over 100 years old too I think it is an Gardenia bush My son you have done a great job!

Landscaping pt 3

Getting more work done in our back yard today  I can hardly wait until we are done and can use this area  The fence will help keep our dogs in and the wild life out  Here we are lining up the bricks for the wall...again  Its a little hot today so we needed a little bit of shade  Fence is going up YAY!  Here are all my helpers stretching the fence The fence is finally done! Now all we need to do is put the bricks back that we had to move and then we can start putting in the skin and rocks before the dirt... I am so excited! I can hardly wait till its done and we can start using it! It is a slow process for us as we work all week and can only do this on the weekend but I am still pleased with the fence.

Warning Sign

Have you ever gone to a take out place and stopped at the window to pick up your food?

Did you ever look at the signs on the windows?

Sitting and waiting for my food to be brought to me I read this sign that I have seen before but never read and when I read it I was shocked.

I am glad that they are posting this information for us but "WHAT?" hummm

The disturbing part about all this is that this sign states that they have known cancer causing chemicals in their food! DID YOU GET THAT? KNOWN CHEMICALS TO CAUSE CANCER GRRRRR

Makes me stop and think how bad do I want to eat here ever again and does any body else read this? Is anyone else disturbed like me?

Puppy Pack Up

Packing up the last of the stuff this weekend for our final trip next weekend and our sweet puppys are insisting of a ride along. LOL I love my babys

Wedding Pictures 2012

Yay I finally have professional copies of the wedding pictures   Disney pins for the lanyard   Brides dress... the hanger is personalized with "Mrs. Spell"  Wedding date and rings... cute idea  Channel... She was going to be the flower girl lol so cute  So cool how they can do this on the bottom of shoes today
 Engraved with the love birds first initials   A gift from Papa