Mother's Day

Today I came home from an outing with my dear husband and found this sitting on my table
Inside I found this candle from my sweet neighbor she makes them. 
The picture is me and my sweet daughter she was 16 months old and we had gone for a visit to the local pond where it was covered with migrating birds. 
We are sitting in front of my 1972 pinto which later became my husbands race car. In this picture I am pregnant with our second child, My baby boy!
On the back side is this picture of Mandy and me from when we went to the old mining town of Virginia City for a fun outing. 
I took this picture just as we had entered a tunnel, it was pitch black inside and I leaned over to Mandy and said "Smile" and this is the picture that came out. I cherish this picture it is one of those that you take without any effort and it works out well
Such a lovely gift! From a very kind soul! Thank you Vicki your the best!


  1. Happy Mothers Day lovely lady...thinking of you. xxx

  2. Thank you Sweet Bron! xxx I am so happy that I came across your blog. It's wonderful getting to know you and your sweet family! You are a sweet and wonderful person full of love and life! xxx


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