Mandy's Elephants

While on vacation last week I was moving our things up the mountain to Reno, I stopped by my sister and brother in law's house and this is what they gave me.

My brother in law made this I love it. He collects rocks and polishes them and makes things with them.

He found a large rock and sliced it in to slices and then polished it and that is what the elephants are standing on. 

The elephants were my baby girl's favorite animal and she collected them. 

So in honor of her he made this for me and I LOVE it very much! Thank you Al, I think the rock is beautiful and it is very nice


  1. How special and kind of him to give you a beautiful gift of remembrance. xx

  2. Hi Eva,
    I have just realised that all this time I have been replying to your lovely sweet comments and you have probably not been getting them due to you having a no reply sorry if this is the case. i appreciate all your comments and support that you leave at my little space. Bron xx

  3. LOL I think you are right Bron

    I am trying to find out how to fix that now. Thank you for telling me that!

    I am not to good with this kind of thing... My daughter was the wiz and all I would do is ask her for help learning how to fix something and she fixed it for me...

    Now I am on my own and I flounder around a lot lol Thank you!


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