Husband approved bolt and tool holder

My husband keeps all of our cars in working condition. He has been working on cars from a very young age. His father would sit him on top of the engine and teach him how to do things and that is now second nature to my sweet man.
So this past weekend when I came out and found my son and husband working on the car together I did not give it a second thought
Until I saw this
Do you see it? well the first thing I saw was the vise grips holding the hood up! When I asked my husband if that was safe, he assured me that it was for added protection only. With pursed lips and squinted eyes I stared at him... he said honest its safe. So I was slightly mollified. Then came this sight
Do you see it yep? I am sure you seen it in the last picture lol... Yes that is my husbands new bolt and tool holder another name for it would be "cup cake tin" I love my husband very much and this is really very funny and quite ingenious on his part he had a need and took care of it. BUT... I am standing there staring at my tin saying what is that doing there? (I know stupid question gets a stupid answer) he says it's holding my bolts. I say "That's my cup cake tin" (another stupid comment) He says yes it is, (big smile on his face with a twinkle in his eye) you weren't using it and I needed it to hold my bolts.
Well how could I argue with that comment. He was right... I said "I guess I need to start making cup cakes every night so that my tins are safe" with a smile on his face and not missing a beat he says "I guess so" LOL I love my husband. I think I can give up a tin or two if it makes his job easier working on our cars for us! 
I Love My Sweet Man


  1. This made me smile...i think holding bolts is a whole lot better for his health than you baking every night LOL. xxx

  2. Right! lol But it would keep the dentist in business

  3. Thinking outside the box. I love it...


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