Birthday Gift

Okay so I thought that I was blessed to get the mothers day gift that I did and then I got this birthday present
 Inside was this satchel that smells wonderful and had my baby girls favorite flowers
 And next was this gift... It was wrapped in fabric that has elephants and butterfly's on it. 
It's ELEPHANTS and BUTTERLY"S I was so happy when I saw this, at first I said excitedly "It has butterfly's and elephants on it" to my husband and his reply was "Yes! did you expect any different" lol. He is right... We have a really super neighbor and friend living next door and she is so nice and these are what she makes...  she is so talented. 
I have a blog dedicated to my baby girl and the blog address is here the address is elephants and purple butterflys lol although the blog says sugar and spice in the title and she knew this.
 After opening the fabric I found a candle very similar to this one that she gave me in June of last year
Oh so beautiful... I love these candles that I have been so blessed to receive 
A great big thank you to my dear friend and my sweet husband


  1. Happy Birthday...they were so special to you kind friends and loving husbands. xxx


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