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Graduation 2013

Here is my daughter in law on her graduation day this past weekend. She is the one that has the apple on her hat Here is the stadium they held the ceremony in, it's called "Sleep Train Stadium" or the old "Arco arena. It's where the basket ball team called the Kings play The seating all around the bottom was filled with well wishers, family and friends  Here are the grads lined up to get their diplomas In this picture my daughter in law is the person standing to the right of the white panel waiting in line Here she is on the big screen. She is the one second from the left The commencement speech  Me and my sweet daughter in law afterwards I am so proud of her! She is the best daughter in law a mother could ask for!

Eucalyptus Tree

WOW... Not sure what is wrong with our tree. Looks like some critter got to it I have been really busy moving on the weekends to our new house and working during the week I came out to our yard to pack up some potted plants today and found my poor tree half eaten. There is hardly a leaf untouched... Grrr

Earth Quake near Susanville

Wow... Just felt the earth quake that hit Susanville just an half an hour ago. Our house shook and the lamps ceiling fan swayed. It only lasted about ten to fifteen seconds but it was just long enough for me to wonder if I needed to start heading for the door frame. 5.7 and many after shocks...

Husband approved bolt and tool holder

My husband keeps all of our cars in working condition. He has been working on cars from a very young age. His father would sit him on top of the engine and teach him how to do things and that is now second nature to my sweet man.
So this past weekend when I came out and found my son and husband working on the car together I did not give it a second thought Until I saw this Do you see it? well the first thing I saw was the vise grips holding the hood up! When I asked my husband if that was safe, he assured me that it was for added protection only. With pursed lips and squinted eyes I stared at him... he said honest its safe. So I was slightly mollified. Then came this sight Do you see it yep? I am sure you seen it in the last picture lol... Yes that is my husbands new bolt and tool holder another name for it would be "cup cake tin" I love my husband very much and this is really very funny and quite ingenious on his part he had a need and took care of it. BUT... I am standing …

Summer Fun

My Son is so fun! I love his joy for life and I love to watch him grow as he gets older
I had to laugh when I saw this picture! I love how much fun my son is having and then you look at the face of the instructor and he looks like he is saying with out enthusiasm "yay..."  Here they are heading out to the big blue water 
As our days get hotter and hotter I think being here would be way cooler
A perfect end to a week of celebrating my birthday
Dinner at Carmelita's Restaurant 
The best Mexican restaurant around
Many thanks to all my friends and family
Love you lots... Thank you

Birthday Gift

Okay so I thought that I was blessed to get the mothers day gift that I did and then I got this birthday present  Inside was this satchel that smells wonderful and had my baby girls favorite flowers  And next was this gift... It was wrapped in fabric that has elephants and butterfly's on it.  It's ELEPHANTS and BUTTERLY"S I was so happy when I saw this, at first I said excitedly "It has butterfly's and elephants on it" to my husband and his reply was "Yes! did you expect any different" lol. He is right... We have a really super neighbor and friend living next door and she is so nice and these are what she makes...  she is so talented.  I have a blog dedicated to my baby girl and the blog address is here the address is elephants and purple butterflys lol although the blog says sugar and spice in the title and she knew this.  After opening the fabric I found a candle very similar to this one that she gave me in June of last year Oh so beautiful... I…

Mandy's Elephants

While on vacation last week I was moving our things up the mountain to Reno, I stopped by my sister and brother in law's house and this is what they gave me.
My brother in law made this I love it. He collects rocks and polishes them and makes things with them.
He found a large rock and sliced it in to slices and then polished it and that is what the elephants are standing on. 
The elephants were my baby girl's favorite animal and she collected them. 
So in honor of her he made this for me and I LOVE it very much! Thank you Al, I think the rock is beautiful and it is very nice

Mother's Day

Today I came home from an outing with my dear husband and found this sitting on my table Inside I found this candle from my sweet neighbor she makes them.  The picture is me and my sweet daughter she was 16 months old and we had gone for a visit to the local pond where it was covered with migrating birds.  We are sitting in front of my 1972 pinto which later became my husbands race car. In this picture I am pregnant with our second child, My baby boy! On the back side is this picture of Mandy and me from when we went to the old mining town of Virginia City for a fun outing.  I took this picture just as we had entered a tunnel, it was pitch black inside and I leaned over to Mandy and said "Smile" and this is the picture that came out. I cherish this picture it is one of those that you take without any effort and it works out well Such a lovely gift! From a very kind soul! Thank you Vicki your the best!

A little rest

With all the searching, packing, moving and cleaning I am exhausted and looking forward to going back to work after my vacation for some rest.
but as soon as I am back to work I know I will want to get home and start packing... It's a viscous cycle I know lol 
It is early in the day and I am sitting here thinking "I need to get up and start packing" but I find myself just wanting to sit here a moment longer and rest 
enjoying the silence...
. . . . . . . . . . . . 
Okay moments up back to the grind