We got the key today!

How about a tour of our new home! I am so excited even if it will be a month before I can move in but my husband and son and our three dogs will go now and then when my job transfers then I will follow!

The front room 
 other side of the kitchen
Dinning room 
 Bedroom  #1
 Bedroom #2
 Bedroom #3 (this might be a sewing room)
Bedroom #4
 Master bath, although you can not see it there is another sink in the corner on the right
Hall bath
 This is really the best part of the house for me!!! The thing that I am so excited about. I have ALWAYS wanted a walk in pantry! I am so excited about using Pinterest ideas for this place
Laundry room

OH I am so excited!!!!! I will post more pictures later 


  1. It's a great size...well done you. and I love that pantry too...oh what you could store in there. xxx

  2. I need that pantry!! Pinterest is the best, isn't it? Happy decorating!


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