New House

Well here it is...

our new home!

It's a bit run down from not being occupied for some time but we will have it ship shape soon enough

The house is on a half acre of land with trees shrubs and bushes all around

I am happy that it is on a drip line so that I will not have to water a half acre of plants

The back yard has a nice place for planting a garden so I am really ready to start planting


Now comes the really physical part...


Here we go.. wish us luck

I will post more pictures later of a features that I am really excited about


  1. Wow that was must be easy to find housing in the USA...all the best with the move and what an exciting thing to have a new project.

  2. We are renting this new place. We needed to move fast to this area and that was the only way.
    The house we live in now is in escrow and will be sold in about thirty days.
    It does take longer to purchase a house here than what it took us to rent this one.
    BUT!!!!!! I am really excited to do the nesting thing in our new place :-) <3


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