A really dear friend of mine is moving and she made this for me as a parting gift along with a jar of preserves and a sweet note. 

These are so pretty! I love bracelets and have since I was a child playing with my mothers bracelets pretending that we were grown lady's out for a day of shopping

I had just found out this week that she is moving and I was a little surprised and sad... I would miss her very much but then I remembered that this week we have put our house on the market and are moving ourselves 

We are up rooting and re transplanting in a whole new state three hours away from where we live now

It has been a hard decision to make but it needs to be done for the benefit of both of our families my husbands and mine as our parents are ageing

Although the prospect of moving to a new place for a new life and friends is exciting... I find myself saddened that I will be leaving the place that we lived with my sweet daughter and that is quite difficult 

I am conflicted!

But I will be looking forwards to new friends, being closer to family, enjoying a totally new climate (with snow) and a opportunity to start a new journey with my sweet husband whom I love with all my heart


I will be furiously packing for the next two months preparing to say good bye to one journey and saying hello to our next and hoping that this one will be just as filled with love from friends, family and life! 


  1. Oh such joy and sadness at one time...I can hear the joy of the new journey but totally feel the pain of leaving the old...We often talk about whether we could move...sometimes we think we could but I am not so sure when it comes down to many memories and attachments to here even after 8 years of her are probably doing the very right thing for the big picture...your prcious girl will remain in your heart so you get to take that with you wherever you go,. xxxx


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