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We got the key today!

How about a tour of our new home! I am so excited even if it will be a month before I can move in but my husband and son and our three dogs will go now and then when my job transfers then I will follow!

The front room   Kitchen   other side of the kitchen Dinning room   Bedroom  #1  Bedroom #2  Bedroom #3 (this might be a sewing room) Bedroom #4  Master bath, although you can not see it there is another sink in the corner on the right Hall bath  This is really the best part of the house for me!!! The thing that I am so excited about. I have ALWAYS wanted a walk in pantry! I am so excited about using Pinterest ideas for this place Laundry room
OH I am so excited!!!!! I will post more pictures later

Butterfly Origami

My First Origami Butterfly

New House

Well here it is...
our new home!
It's a bit run down from not being occupied for some time but we will have it ship shape soon enough
The house is on a half acre of land with trees shrubs and bushes all around
I am happy that it is on a drip line so that I will not have to water a half acre of plants
The back yard has a nice place for planting a garden so I am really ready to start planting
Now comes the really physical part...
Here we go.. wish us luck
I will post more pictures later of a features that I am really excited about


A really dear friend of mine is moving and she made this for me as a parting gift along with a jar of preserves and a sweet note. 
These are so pretty! I love bracelets and have since I was a child playing with my mothers bracelets pretending that we were grown lady's out for a day of shopping
I had just found out this week that she is moving and I was a little surprised and sad... I would miss her very much but then I remembered that this week we have put our house on the market and are moving ourselves 
We are up rooting and re transplanting in a whole new state three hours away from where we live now
It has been a hard decision to make but it needs to be done for the benefit of both of our families my husbands and mine as our parents are ageing
Although the prospect of moving to a new place for a new life and friends is exciting... I find myself saddened that I will be leaving the place that we lived with my sweet daughter and that is quite difficult 
I am conflicted!
But I wi…

Green Smoothies

OH! ! ! I went to this great seminar with Robyn Openshaw for making green smoothies and it was great  I learned a bunch of new information and already new some but the best bit I am taking from the seminar is To get enough nutrition in my life today I need to eat more veggies and fruits! I love them all and this way I get everything that I need in one cup. Also I found out that when drinking a green smoothie a day... I do not crave crappy food anymore and I am not as snacky as I once was... All really great things for me!