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Save The Date Pictures

My son is engaged to a very sweet woman that we are happy to have join our family. These are a few of their save the date pictures taken this weekend.

2013 A Year of Change

Thinking about all the things that happened this year 2013... It's been a year filled with change. Change is good for a lot of reasons but some times very hard. Our changes have improved our lives a hundred fold even though it's been hard. Taking steps into a new year is exciting. Exciting because you have a brand new year to fill with your thoughts, actions and love for life. Getting together with the ones you love and making new memory's, starting new friendships and trying out new activities. It is like closing one door and opening another. Last year 2012 we added to our family a new daughter in law and this next year 2014 we will add another. Our life is so blessed with two beautiful Daughter in laws and two wonderful sons all the other stuff is just a added bonus in our life
So, here is to new beginnings from our house to yours.            May your new year be exciting and filled with love, happiness and prosperity

Frost Flowers

Nature is so awesomely cool...   Today while at the airport I came across a natural phenomenon and to tell you the truth I am a little befuddled. What is this? I know its frozen water but why and how did it form into these flower looking things? I am truly fascinated with it There was no rain last night but here we have frozen frost flowers... I love it but its one of those things that has me a little confounded.

A Glimpse of Our Christmas 2013

A dog that is way to happy to be outside in the cold snow...  its a battle getting him back inside Lovely snowman that greets our visitors a Christmas tree that will come down all to fast Gifts from friends  Playing fun games.... Yes I am messy with my property and money when playing lol  But it's a strategy   Sinfully good goodies (calories don't count on Christmas Day)
 Cookies so sweet they should be called candy An unbelievably good Chocolate Cake Christmas one day a year but memories for life.  May your Christmas be as wonderful as ours

Christmas Time

I love Christmas.... It is the time of year that people change. I love the way people are more giving and more loving. I have always wanted the spirit of Christmas to continue all year and sad that it didn't. At first I thought that once Christmas was over, that was it... But I find that the Christmas spirit really does go on past the holiday itself. But you have to look at it and for it with that same Christmas spirit!

What is the Christmas Spirit? I feel it is the love for my savior, the love for each other, the giving of our time, resources, and service to those in need. Does that stop after Christmas? Absolutely not. The only thing missing from the Spirit of Christmas after Christmas is the wrappings, trappings and decorations.

I hope that this year after we have put our Christmas decorations away for another year we all look for and at the love and giving of others, that we try to search out opportunities ourselves to pass on that love and service to others in need. This doe…

Secret Santa

At work we are having a Secret Santa gift exchange. I love secret gift exchanges they are very fun. But this year I kind of wanted to do something better than just handing a gift off on the due date which I always thought was kind of weird anyway. How can you be a secret Santa when you do nothing until the day you hand your gift over with your name attached???... well I guess it works as a secret because you do not know who is giving you the gift...
Well anyway this year I thought what can I do different? Then at one of my clients office they had a small tree with several different gifts under it opened. When I asked her to tell me about it she said that it was from her secret Santa. She said that each morning when she comes in she has a new present to open up. What a great idea but they do this from the day after Thanksgiving day until Christmas Eve... Way to long for me so below is what I did... A five day secret Santa for my secret gal
Day One I found this hand sanitizer tutorial f…

Decorating Gingerbread 2013 and Birthday BBQ

Christmas time is such a great time of year. Celebrating the birth of Christ has been something that I have done all my life. But there are other things we do at this time of year that makes me happy... Like decorating Ginger bread houses.
There is no specific way to decorate them... it's just what ever you come up with that works. I have not seen a decorated house that was a bad one. Every house has its own character and style and I love them all.
I started decorating houses when I was about 13 years old or so. I have blogged about it here and here and here. It truly is a long time tradition and today we kept it alive. Today was a fun gathering for my family and isn't this what it's all about? Making family bonds tighter... all this decorating is just extra fun on the side.
 Can you read whats on the present this Santa is holding? It says Crisp Kringle lol so inventive I found this tiny gingerbread house at the dollar store and had to get it. It's so funny and so cut…