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Happy New Year 2013

Here are my sweet son and daughter in law!
I love this picture! 
I wish everyone a great New Year filled with lots of love and happiness!

New Year

I am going to miss my tree after I take it down this year...
It is "I guess" the end of one year and the beginning of the next that gets me
I love to clean up after Christmas but I miss the warm decorations I take down each year

Unknown Vegetable

Here is a picture of a vegi that has been growing in our back yard all summer
Now my husband picked it yesterday and we are not really sure what it is
The vine it grew on had a large yellow trumpet flower and large green leaf's
I am thinking it is a zucchini squash... but not sure 

Snowman Poop

Twenty five years ago my Nana gave my husband some snowman poop and he still has it. Of course it is no longer eatable but it is one thing he treasures from her. And this year he has asked me to make some for him to pass out to all his friends... I love my husband and his great sense of humor.
Here is how you make it... 
Just fill small Christmas decorated plastic bag with mini marshmallows (I get small ones) and then add some curly ribbon and this poem and attach it to the bag 
"I heard you were naughty so here's the scoop All you get for Christmas is some snowman poop"
It's lots of fun to pass these out and see the reaction on everyone's faces

Gingerbread houses 2012

I had fun teaching my new daughter in law how to make a gingerbread house We also had her mother and cousin working with us I think that all of the houses turned out really great and we had a really great night laughing and having fun! I think everyone did really great for their first time making ginger bread houses, although I have to say that it is really hard to mess up a house and this is proof that it can be done by anyone! Great job everyone!