Cruse Time

Here are the pictures from the Cruse my son is on for his honeymoon. I will get more when he gets back into the country again... I miss him sooooo much!
My sister and her family gave these to my son and daughter in law for their trip... I love them Minnie and Mickey hats lol so sweet

Finally on board the big ship
My son sent this picture in a txt and said that his luggage was somewhere down there "So close but yet so far" lol he is so funny
I thought that the rooms were smaller than this. They really do not look that small

Happy couple
This was the last picture he sent as they were leaving port for ten days. I got a voice mail from him last night saying that it cost seven dollars a minute to call so he talked really fast and said we are good and happy and that he loved us... Such a sweet son! I will be happy to see him again


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