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Disneyland Honeymoon

My son and his new bride are taking a Disney curse down the western coast for their honeymoon But first they stopped at Disneyland here can you see the castle in the back ground Mickey Mouse Pumpkin patch LOL It's a bug's life with glasses and all So cute I think this is part of the new "Radiator City" at Disneyland This is my most favorite ride in Disneyland "Pirates of the Caribbean"  LOL a White wall tire hat from Luigi's tire shop in Radiator Springs

This was so cute my son said that the cost from this pump is .63 cents a gallon compared to our $4.50 here he said it is a steal and he wished that it cost that little today. I laughed at him and told him that when I was a teenager gas went up over .50 cents a gallon and we thought it was highway robbery. I can remember thinking that if gas went up much more that everyone would walk... boy was I wrong
What an inventive drinking container... a pylon as a cup Wow this tower of tires is really large  My s…

Bridal Shower

I love bridal showers they are filled with happiness and love. You get to see a new and beginning relationship and you hope and pray that this new relationship will blossom and flourish in the coming years and that it endures for a life time in today's world
This particular bride to be spent time with me and our daughter in her last days (among others). She came and visited her and gave comfort and love where she could. I am so happy that she has now found her love of her life and is starting a new journey with him. He seems like the perfect man for her and he is a nice guy
 Such a cute idea for decorations for the table It was a great day with super people filled with love and joy!