Wedding day pictures

This was the back drop for the ceremony at the wedding... what a sight it was 

Here is where the ceremony took place you can see the water feature in the background

This is the table where my son and new daughter in law sat for dinner. One of her girlfriends wrote this sign! I love her writing she did such a good job.
My sweet son just before the wedding all smiles... He was not nervous at all he was just really happy. I love my baby boy
Center pieces 

Here is the pastor that joined my two sweet ones. He is really a great man
Here are my favorite men waiting for the wedding to start lol they are so great! I love them all
Calm before the storm... Love this pic

Waiting for their cue to walk down the isle 
This was sand to represent the beach where he proposed to his wife to be. You cannot see it but the ring that he used is in a shell inside and a picture of them on the beach and the words written in sand that says "will you marry me" 

candy table for wedding favors

The wedding cake

She had this cake top made for her... the dress is her dress and the dog is hers. It really was a cute topper 

Here they are getting ready to smack each other in the face with cake lol

But....... they choose the safer path lol

the toss of the flowers

and the garter

This is so sweet... this will be the thank you card that they send out to all that came to the wedding
I could not be more happy for my sweet pea... My baby boy I am so proud of you and love you with all my heart! Welcome to the family our sweet new daughter in law we love you bunches!


  1. What a beautiful venue...there were so many lovely little touches that all went together to make it look like the most beautiful of for the post wedding come down and realizing that your special guy has moved out.....but remember you have an added daughter in law now to spoil. xx

  2. Thank you Bron... You are so right lol He took his coffee pot with him and when I went into the kitchen for the first time I saw a empty spot on the counter where it had sat and then it hit me like a large truck that he was no longer living here and it hit my heart hard. But like you say on a good note I have a great new daughter in law and she is ready to do fun stuff with me so I feel really blessed!


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