7 Day Challenge Day 1

I had come across these two gals a couple of years ago and they are all about preparing for natural disasters. Each year they put on a mock natural disaster drill and anyone is invited to join in. My family does think I have lost it and they do not participate in it but that does not stop me. When or if we ever have a massive flood in our area or a wild fire or even earth quake (all of which are very big possibilities here where I live) we will be prepared well kind of I am in the mode of preparing for a event now and at this moment not ready. 

So the challenge is to have on hand everything that you would need in case of the unthinkable. To start with they send you a email telling you that a natural disaster is going to happen at some unknown time and it will last for one week with each day being a different disaster. 

Your job is to follow the emailed instructions sent to simulate what ever disaster that has just happened. Last year was fun but at the same time a eye opener. I do not want to be with out toilet paper for three weeks, well let me restate that... I do not want to be out of toilet paper period. 

So this morning as I am wrapping up last minute wedding duty's before my sons wedding this Saturday I got the email... Dom da da dom... It made me think... People have had in different places in the world things happen on their wedding day to cause disruption. Well I am really sorry to say I will not be doing the exercise this year but I will be posting my thoughts about if I had done the challenge and how prepared I really am.

So day one challenge is 

Oil prices have skyrocketed causing an economic crisis and global food shortage due to
transportation costs. In many areas food is GONE from the shelves.  If there is food
available it is at ridiculous prices that you cannot afford.  Luckily, you have been following
our blog and have accumulated quite a bit of food storage.  Today you get to USE it!

Goal: Have a PLAN for actual meals you can make from your food storage

Today’s Tasks:
  • Cook all your meals and snacks using only pantry foods
  • Make a complete meal plan for 7 days (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) using ONLY ingredients you already have in your storage
  • Do an inventory to determine how long your food supply will last you (use our 3 month supply and long term calculators to help
  • SHARING TIME: Take a picture of your meal plan (or type it up) and share it on our Facebook page or in the blog comments
Okay so I believe that this will not be a problem for this week but if I had to do this for three months it could quite possibly be a problem. I can remember when Katrina hit New Orleans how the people were affected for not just a day or a week or a month there are still people today seven years later that are still displaced from their home and they have no hope of going back. But what hit me the most was that when asked what they needed most during those times everyone said "Water" The most basic need yet life saving. Hummm Makes you think doesn't it. Well here's to day one.


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