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Wedding day pictures

This was the back drop for the ceremony at the wedding... what a sight it was 
Here is where the ceremony took place you can see the water feature in the background
This is the table where my son and new daughter in law sat for dinner. One of her girlfriends wrote this sign! I love her writing she did such a good job. My sweet son just before the wedding all smiles... He was not nervous at all he was just really happy. I love my baby boy Center pieces 

Here is the pastor that joined my two sweet ones. He is really a great man Here are my favorite men waiting for the wedding to start lol they are so great! I love them all Calm before the storm... Love this pic
Waiting for their cue to walk down the isle  This was sand to represent the beach where he proposed to his wife to be. You cannot see it but the ring that he used is in a shell inside and a picture of them on the beach and the words written in sand that says "will you marry me" 
candy table for wedding favors

The weddi…

My baby boy is now married

I am so happy for my sweet son
He found a wonderful sweet woman to become his partner
The day was absolutely fabulous 
With lots of love everywhere
The day was perfect
And his sister and our daughter was honored with her favorite animal the elephant
I could not have wished a better day for my sweet son and his new bride

Wedding day gift from my sweet baby

Aw look what my sweet son gave to me this morning sniff sniff. Let the fun begin Published with Blogger-droid v2.0.9

Day Three

Boy I do not have time to think about this challenge my mind is spinning with wedding tasks tomorrow is the big day woo hoo! Can hardly wait.
Day 3 challenge health benefits, medical issues and concerns.
Health care costs in your country have gone through the roof. Battles are waging between government, doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies. All doctors have gone on strike leaving a gaping hole in available medical care in your community. Today will focus on what you will need to do to prepare your family for all kinds of medical emergencies, including getting yourselves healthier to avoid dependence on medications (if at all possible) and/or medical interventions.
Goal: Get your family’s medical history & supplies in order and get healthy!
Today’s Tasks: Prepare a family medical plan to include in your Emergency Binder. Do an inventory of your home medical supplies. Add items to your daily report card that you need to purchase. Print out instructions for basic first aid pr…

Day 2 Challenge

Here is day twos challenge and I know that I would have failed this one if I had chosen to do it. Storing water is really hard. Where do you put it... in what kind of container... if you have to use it how do you purify it without electricity. I have taught myself how to make a volcano stove
and could use this to cook the water. I also made one out of fire brick so I would be able to cook my water to pasteurize it. So on to day two challenge

Your country is experiencing a WAR and the water purification facility in your area has  been bombed. All water services coming to your home have been halted indefinitely. (If  you use well water, your well was destroyed too!) Today you will practice living without  running water in your home and experience cooking, sanitation, hygiene, etc. with  STORED water.
Today's Goal: Learn what your water needs will truly be in an emergency
Please note: Today is a NEW emergency, none of the limitations listed yester…

7 Day Challenge Day 1

Picture from Food Storage Made Easy dot net

I had come across these two gals a couple of years ago and they are all about preparing for natural disasters. Each year they put on a mock natural disaster drill and anyone is invited to join in. My family does think I have lost it and they do not participate in it but that does not stop me. When or if we ever have a massive flood in our area or a wild fire or even earth quake (all of which are very big possibilities here where I live) we will be prepared well kind of I am in the mode of preparing for a event now and at this moment not ready. 
So the challenge is to have on hand everything that you would need in case of the unthinkable. To start with they send you a email telling you that a natural disaster is going to happen at some unknown time and it will last for one week with each day being a different disaster. 
Your job is to follow the emailed instructions sent to simulate what ever disaster that has just happened. Last year was fun bu…
Food for thought
Watch your thoughts because they become words Watch your words because they become actions Watch your actions because they become habits Watch your habits because they become character  Watch your character because it becomes your destiny

Getting Closer

My Son's wedding is getting closer... I am so excited! Just twelve more days. I can hardly wait.