Rock tumbler

I have wanted to work with rocks since I was eight years old. 
I took a class in elementary school and found that I have a love for and was very interested in rocks and where, how and what they were.
But as life went on I pursued different things other than rocks. 
I still have a love for rocks in my heart. 
I have been collecting them for some years now in hopes to purchase a rock polisher and make some really pretty shiny rocks like my brother in law
The rocks on top are called wonder stone and they are from wonder stone mountain in Nevada
Here are what the wonder stones turn in to when polished. Very pretty colors really pop out. 
 And out in the front yard are stones from green mountain. The mountain is completely covered with these greens stones
The rest of the stones that follow are ones in the side line waiting for the new polisher and cutter to make bigger polished rocks and flat polished slabs.

In the back ground of this picture you can see buckets of rocks that my brother in law keeps in his shed until they are polished.

You cannot see the pretty colors in this one to well but it was really pretty in the sun shine. Some day I will have a polisher just like he does but in the mean time he told me to bring him all the rocks I want and he will polish them for me. What a kind brother in law! Got to love him

Here are a couple of jars containing the rocks that he started out with. Some times the polishing takes a month of work to get a shinny polish on them but boy are they worth the wait. 


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