Bridal Shower

I am so happy to have the sweetest daughter in law to be! We are looking forwards to calling her family. Here are a few pictures of the second bridal shower that she had. She has such a large family that she had two showers and I held one in Nevada and she had this one here. It was a really fun shower
This is such a great idea... She put up a photo and introduction for each of her brides maids into a frame. The papers on the table are wishes that we all put on paper for the two of them for their lives from now on.
Such a cute party marker that they had on the street so that we could find the house when we got there. It was held at her grandmothers house and we had not been there yet.
At this table are my two mothers and standing is my daughter in law's grand mother of who's house we were visiting. Her name is Mary and when you meet her she makes you feel like you are long time friends! She is so sweet.
Here are the center pieces for the tables
What a cute idea... C+C= Love... Someone was very creative.
There is a really great cupcake shoppe in Rocklin that has the best tasting cupcakes around. So instead of a cake she had these! VERY YUMMY! cupcakes
I love the little picture here of the two of them at Disney land... My son held her in his arms... so romantic and cute
I love their engagement picture... One of many great ones

Here she is wearing a great apron that was made for her shower so that people could sign it like a guest book but she love dit so much that she said no one is allowed to write on it... lol she is so creative herself but I think one of her friends mad this for her.
She is so cute and just as sweet... 

The best for last... This gift was from her parents and grandparents... She was so happy because she had been wanting one of these for their new home... I do not even have one of these yet lol Oh well my arms work just as good kind of... lol
It was a great party and lost of fun! Now we are looking forward to the wedding


  1. You will be so partied out by the time the wedding comes'll need a holiday.
    Hope you are feeling better. x

  2. LOL I am so already there... but having a good time. I am learning how to live with out some of my eye sight but am feeling a lot better thank you Bron


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