Baby Girl

I am sure missing my sweet baby girl today but loving the sweet memories I have been blessed with. Like a conversation we had one day while shopping.

Me: Look at this really cute shirt

Mandy: That looks like grandma's couch

Me: ???!!!!! No

Mandy: Put it back
(we laugh)
Me: How about this one?

Mandy: (Frowns at me) No, No and NOOO

(after the fifth shirt I held up for her inspection she says) MOM! You are no longer to shop with out me. You are not in the 70's anymore.

We both started laughing so hard that I had tears rolling down my cheeks.

Happy days sweet memories and missing a sweet angel in my heart


  1. Memories really are such a special thing....I love how they just keep flooding in when you most need them.
    Here's too many more beautiful thoughts of your girl. xx


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