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Fuji and Granny Smith's

I LOVE apples! I love all the different kind of apples from very tart to very sweet!   Here are some apple trees that grow in my sister in laws back yard she has Fuji and Granny Smiths I love both! And they said I can have as many as I like! WOO HOO!   I am excited but they are not quite ripe yet so I have to wait but that is okay! I will wait happily 

Baby Girl

I am sure missing my sweet baby girl today but loving the sweet memories I have been blessed with. Like a conversation we had one day while shopping.

Me: Look at this really cute shirt

Mandy: That looks like grandma's couch

Me: ???!!!!! No

Mandy: Put it back
(we laugh)
Me: How about this one?

Mandy: (Frowns at me) No, No and NOOO

(after the fifth shirt I held up for her inspection she says) MOM! You are no longer to shop with out me. You are not in the 70's anymore.

We both started laughing so hard that I had tears rolling down my cheeks.

Happy days sweet memories and missing a sweet angel in my heart

Rock tumbler

I have wanted to work with rocks since I was eight years old.  I took a class in elementary school and found that I have a love for and was very interested in rocks and where, how and what they were.
But as life went on I pursued different things other than rocks.  I still have a love for rocks in my heart.  I have been collecting them for some years now in hopes to purchase a rock polisher and make some really pretty shiny rocks like my brother in law
The rocks on top are called wonder stone and they are from wonder stone mountain in Nevada Here are what the wonder stones turn in to when polished. Very pretty colors really pop out.   And out in the front yard are stones from green mountain. The mountain is completely covered with these greens stones The rest of the stones that follow are ones in the side line waiting for the new polisher and cutter to make bigger polished rocks and flat polished slabs.

In the back ground of this picture you can see buckets of rocks that my brother i…

Baby it's hot outside

Oh....Was it hot today... 105 they say here in Sacramento. 
Phew! I am really grateful for air conditioning. I feel for the people who do not have the pleasure of the ac! I passed a few people coming back from Reno's Hot august nights with their windows down and I would not want to be in them cars! Here is a picture from hot august nights it is always so busy.  source 

Bridal Shower

I am so happy to have the sweetest daughter in law to be! We are looking forwards to calling her family. Here are a few pictures of the second bridal shower that she had. She has such a large family that she had two showers and I held one in Nevada and she had this one here. It was a really fun shower
This is such a great idea... She put up a photo and introduction for each of her brides maids into a frame. The papers on the table are wishes that we all put on paper for the two of them for their lives from now on.
Such a cute party marker that they had on the street so that we could find the house when we got there. It was held at her grandmothers house and we had not been there yet.
At this table are my two mothers and standing is my daughter in law's grand mother of who's house we were visiting. Her name is Mary and when you meet her she makes you feel like you are long time friends! She is so sweet.
Here are the center pieces for the tables What a cute idea... C+C= Love...…