A Wedding shower part three of three

Here are a few more pictures from our Wedding shower
 I love this picture! My sweet sister in law with my sweetheart!
Here are my parents
Debbie, dad and mom
Here are my parents in law I love them so much
Great Grandma getting a hug from Brittney 
My husband did such a great job fixing the food, he is standing next to my father
This is funny... all the next pictures will be of people holding lemons... We played the Mr. Right and Ms. Left game so when they heard left or right that is the way the lemon went... The person left holding the lemon at the end of the game won a prize... It was a really fun game and everyone was laughing really heard by the end of the game as it became very fast. 
LOL Kristen is listening way too hard 
I thought that this picture was funny, my father in law is sitting in front of the balloons so now they look like they are coming out of the top of his head... 

Soooo much fun! I love my family and it was a great party. 


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