Wedding shower dessert table

I do not have a lot of pictures for the dessert table as I was furiously putting it together on the morning of the shower and the photographer did not take many pictures of the items on the table. It's not her fault I should have been more instructional. Here are the small glass vases that I put candy in and below are the items I used in making the desserts 

Here on my mothers kitchen table we made the following desserts for the dessert table, top left are the S'mors pops, on the right are the pretzel sticks covered in caramel and chocolate. On the bottom of the top picture are the hand made peanut butter cups I made. They are still waiting for the peanut butter...

Here on the top is a closer picture of the S'mors pops, they were a big hit, and below are the cute little mini panda cupcakes. They were really fun to make and I think I would make them all over again and everyone loved them

This is not the cake I had planned to put together but it was good and very eatable. I had planed a rose cake... This cake I put together literally in about three to four minutes... LOL I guess it shows. I do know how to decorate cakes as I have made wedding cakes when I was younger to great review but this one did not pass muster lol. Below are the Oreo cookie balls and they were so yummylicious that there were none left at the end of the day

 In this container is salt water taffy and below is red velvet cheesecake stuffed with sour cream frosting can I get a YUM??? Yessss sirrrrr eeeee they were 

So here is my set table... I also had peanut/chocolate pudding, cheesecake stuffed chocolate covered strawberries, rice krispy hearts covered in frosting, caramel apples, skittles, m&m's, caramel candies, Monster cookies (which are now my most favorite cookie) and chocolate chip cookies made with vanilla pidding.
Here is the back drop I made with tissue papper and ribbons. In the picture below the cake is missing because I am still making it. I wish I would have had the photographer take another one but I was still to busy to follow her around and have her take certain pictures. 
Making this dessert table back drop was unbelievably easy. All I did was take a large piece of card board I acquired from Lowes, I just went to the back of the store and asked for the largest piece of card board they had and they happily gave me this one for free. Then I took a dollar tree store plastic oblong table cover and taped it to the back. They I marked the place where I wanted a pom pom and my husband took his drill and popped holes in the board. Next I took zip ties and tied them to the boards "Viola" easy peasy


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