Wedding engagement collage picture board

I wanted to make something to display the engagement pictures for my son's wedding shower last month at the party so I came up with this idea
I took a large unfolded card board and painted it white. Next I took a small cardboard painted white and hot glued cut pieces of Styrofoam onto the back then glued it to the center of the large piece. I then took white duct tape and taped the white lights to the back of the small piece so that they poked out on the sides
Then on the back side of the entire piece in the center I cut a small hole just large enough to push the tail of the lights from the front to the back.
Then I took a large screw driver and poked random holes in the back of the board and poked the lights through to the front and taped them in place. I did this all the way around the entire back of the board
On the front side I took large tissue paper, the kind that you use to wrap gifts inside of gift bags and I cut them into a ruff size of six inches squares but you can make them any size according to how tall you want the paper ruff to stand. I took two six inch papers together and put my finger the center of the paper and then folded it around my finger and then I took the tip where my finger was and gave it a twist just at the tip to keep the two papers together.
Then I took my glue gun and put a small dot on the twisted end and placed it onto the board and held if for about ten seconds to make sure that it dried and then did that for the next four hours with my mother on one side, me on the middle and my sister on the other side. It was extremely labor intensive but I thought very worth it in the end.
Just a warning of caution here!!!!!! When gluing the tissue paper to the board you should #1 already have the skill of using a glue gun. #2 understand that you will get burned if you do not use EXTREME caution and #3 go slow and use a Popsicle stick to assist you in holding down the tissue onto the board. Remember hot glue will burn your skin off of your finger if you are not extremely careful! I have proof of that myself from years of use. Also PLEASE keep CHILDREN completely AWAY FROM YOU and your project as they will get seriously hurt on the glue gun.
I had so much fun making this board sitting around with my mother and sister just chatting away. It was good girl time... that is always such a must for me.
Here is my completed board without the pictures on it yet I think if I do this one again I would add more lights to make it brighter.
Below is the finished project... I like it but again I think more lights would have been better


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