My sweet husband

I was going through some old pictures last night and came across these three pictures of my sweet husband from the beginning of time lol just kidding. This first one is of him in our first apartment... He is so handsome!
This picture is in my mothers back yard in Sparks Nevada. I think this was the year that I was expecting our first child... Our baby girl...
In this picture I was dating my sweet husband to be... He was nineteen in this picture and my grandmother did not know how old he was and she told me that he was way to old for me to be dating (she thought he was 35 years old) lol when I told her that he was only a year and a half older than me she stood there sputtering at me in disbelief. lol my mother had to tell her I was not lying lol I love my gran... she always was there watching out for us kids.


  1. Photos are such a great way to transport us back to very happy times...great photos and I am sure great memories for you too. xxx


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