Loss of eye sight

I have not made a post in a few days because I have had a stroke in my eye and have lost some of my sight... I am in recovery mode trying to heal. I will be hear but in a limited capacity for a little bit until the doctors have run their tests and poked and prodded for a bit. I feel really blessed that it did not happen in my brain and caused me to be paralyzed... That would not be good but for now I will rest and be back soon


  1. Oh My Goodness.....I am sorry to hear of this....I will be praying that you make a full and quick recovery and say a thanks that it wasn't any worse. Take Care xxx

  2. Thank you Bron Prayers are appreciated!

  3. Eva,

    Prayers and wishes for a full and speedy recovery surround you!

    Do you need help with anything? Running errands; walking the pup?

    Please let me know if I can do anyting to assist you and ease your frustration as you recover.

  4. Thank you Robin... I am still working and driving although I have to go to DMV and take a special driving test. I am good, I feel blessed that I only lost half vision in one eye! Thank you for your offer of help you are very kind to do so.


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