A chance meeting with a kindred soul

Please forgive the delicacy of the place of this post. 

I met this most vibrant, happy soul the other day... I go all over each day for work and visit hospitals, doctor's offices and other medical facility's. I entered into a woman's resting room at one of my stops and as I entered there was a woman singing a song loud and filled with joy in her partition.

As I entered mine she stopped singing. I waited for her to continue and as she did not I said to her "Please do not stop singing on my account! I thought it was lovely"

Immediately she picked up singing again and now as if she was on a Broadway show. Her happiness flowed through me as she sang. It brought joy my heart and put a smile on my face.

When she finished her song she took me through a life time of joy in less than three minutes.

She told me that when she was a child her mother loved to listen to her sing and on their wedding anniversary they had her sing at the tender age of five.

She told me the song she sang was from the 1920's and asked if I knew it I told her that I had... The song was titled I love you truly, written by Carrie Jacobs-bond here are the lyrics;

I love you truly, truly dear,
life with its sorrow, life with its tears
fades into dreams when I feel you are near
for I love you truly, truly dear.

Ah! Love 'tis something to feel your kind hand
Ah! Yes, 'tis something by your side to stand;
gone is the sorrow, gone doubt and fear
For you love me truly, truly dear

This woman proceeded to tell me that she was 98 years old and was happy all the time. 

When I said "you are?" she said "Yes! All the time" she then said that she was happy all the time because she always had happy thought running through her mind and that she never gave thought to the bad ones. 

She said that she never allowed herself to have the bad ones. If they tried to get in she just pushed them out and filled her mind with good ones. I said "wow that is wonderful" and she said "I am not saying that I have never had any problems in my life but you have to teach yourself to forget them, that is the secret! forgetting them" I told her that I thought it was amazing and she said "nothing to it... you just do it" 

I wished the woman well and as I started to leave I heard her start up singing again. I never seen her face and she did not see mine but I felt like I had just made a friend for life.

Have you ever had an encounter that left you feeling very uplifted? Well that was a gift that she gave to me that day in a uncommon place I felt like I had just made a friend.


  1. A truly beautiful story...thanks for sharing it with us. xx


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