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Loss of eye sight

I have not made a post in a few days because I have had a stroke in my eye and have lost some of my sight... I am in recovery mode trying to heal. I will be hear but in a limited capacity for a little bit until the doctors have run their tests and poked and prodded for a bit. I feel really blessed that it did not happen in my brain and caused me to be paralyzed... That would not be good but for now I will rest and be back soon
Here are a few of the flowers my sweet husband has purchased for me over the last year. He knows that I love flowers and he brings them home on occasion for no reason at all. I love you sweetheart

Things that I have learned from Budo

Here is a great friend that I love and miss. He passed away from cancer one year ago today. He had a caring bridge site for terminally ill and sick people and the following is a post that I put on his guest book that day. So I am re-posting it in his honor today and remembering him and what he meant to me.
WEDNESDAY, JULY 20, 2011 11:11 AM
Things I have learned from Budo, 1. How to smile, because being around him was so fun that I could not help myself he would do things that made me smile and it did not matter what that was. 2. How to laugh, just being around him you did not know what was going to happen so I would just sit back and watch because I knew that something was coming and he never disappointed me 3. How to read, well not literally but he gave me the love that was needed to enjoy books and that was something that I didn’t have 4. How to relax, he taught me that life was to live and not to worry about the small stuff because in the end it would all work out. He said “do stuff in s…

A chance meeting with a kindred soul

Please forgive the delicacy of the place of this post. 
I met this most vibrant, happy soul the other day... I go all over each day for work and visit hospitals, doctor's offices and other medical facility's. I entered into a woman's resting room at one of my stops and as I entered there was a woman singing a song loud and filled with joy in her partition.

As I entered mine she stopped singing. I waited for her to continue and as she did not I said to her "Please do not stop singing on my account! I thought it was lovely"

Immediately she picked up singing again and now as if she was on a Broadway show. Her happiness flowed through me as she sang. It brought joy my heart and put a smile on my face.

When she finished her song she took me through a life time of joy in less than three minutes.

She told me that when she was a child her mother loved to listen to her sing and on their wedding anniversary they had her sing at the tender age of five.

She told me the song…

My sweet husband

I was going through some old pictures last night and came across these three pictures of my sweet husband from the beginning of time lol just kidding. This first one is of him in our first apartment... He is so handsome!
This picture is in my mothers back yard in Sparks Nevada. I think this was the year that I was expecting our first child... Our baby girl...
In this picture I was dating my sweet husband to be... He was nineteen in this picture and my grandmother did not know how old he was and she told me that he was way to old for me to be dating (she thought he was 35 years old) lol when I told her that he was only a year and a half older than me she stood there sputtering at me in disbelief. lol my mother had to tell her I was not lying lol I love my gran... she always was there watching out for us kids.

Birds and Spider webs

Can you see this sweet little chick popping his head up... He is looking for food. There are at least two of them in the nest in our front yard... I love the sound of birds making repetitive noise in the morning and evening. This is the second bird that has nested in our yard... YAY!
 I love spiders in my yard as long as they leave me alone and eat other insects for me. Here you can see in the center of the picture the spider and the other arrows point to the web and how large it is
  I love the intricacies of the spider web and how beautiful they are. Here are a few more webs around my poor neglected back yard

Wedding engagement collage picture board

I wanted to make something to display the engagement pictures for my son's wedding shower last month at the party so I came up with this idea
I took a large unfolded card board and painted it white. Next I took a small cardboard painted white and hot glued cut pieces of Styrofoam onto the back then glued it to the center of the large piece. I then took white duct tape and taped the white lights to the back of the small piece so that they poked out on the sides Then on the back side of the entire piece in the center I cut a small hole just large enough to push the tail of the lights from the front to the back.
Then I took a large screw driver and poked random holes in the back of the board and poked the lights through to the front and taped them in place. I did this all the way around the entire back of the board On the front side I took large tissue paper, the kind that you use to wrap gifts inside of gift bags and I cut them into a ruff size of six inches squares but you can make the…

Wedding shower dessert table

I do not have a lot of pictures for the dessert table as I was furiously putting it together on the morning of the shower and the photographer did not take many pictures of the items on the table. It's not her fault I should have been more instructional. Here are the small glass vases that I put candy in and below are the items I used in making the desserts 
Here on my mothers kitchen table we made the following desserts for the dessert table, top left are the S'mors pops, on the right are the pretzel sticks covered in caramel and chocolate. On the bottom of the top picture are the hand made peanut butter cups I made. They are still waiting for the peanut butter...

Here on the top is a closer picture of the S'mors pops, they were a big hit, and below are the cute little mini panda cupcakes. They were really fun to make and I think I would make them all over again and everyone loved them
This is not the cake I had planned to put together but it was good and very eatable. I had…

Missing a great man in Andy

I love this video with Andy Griffith... I love Andy I grew up watching him as a kid and he is and always will be one of my favorites! I will miss him but we are so lucky to have the shows that he was in to remember him by. I pray that his family will have peace in their hearts.

A Wedding shower part three of three

Here are a few more pictures from our Wedding shower  I love this picture! My sweet sister in law with my sweetheart! Here are my parents Debbie, dad and mom Here are my parents in law I love them so much Great Grandma getting a hug from Brittney  My husband did such a great job fixing the food, he is standing next to my father This is funny... all the next pictures will be of people holding lemons... We played the Mr. Right and Ms. Left game so when they heard left or right that is the way the lemon went... The person left holding the lemon at the end of the game won a prize... It was a really fun game and everyone was laughing really heard by the end of the game as it became very fast.  LOL Kristen is listening way too hard  I thought that this picture was funny, my father in law is sitting in front of the balloons so now they look like they are coming out of the top of his head... 

Soooo much fun! I love my family and it was a great party.