Wrap up

I am posting these pictures of my last bit of preparations from the wedding shower that happened last week end. I am waiting anxiously for the professional pictures so that I can show the final turn out for the party! It by the way was a great success!
Here are some of the treats that I am going to share over several posts when I get the developed pictures in detail.
In this picture at the top is one of my sister who volunteered her time to make this day a great success 
Here is one of the decorations that we made but it is not finished here, I will have more pictures later

Here is the room that we used for the shower before we decorated. The after pictures I hope will be great!
Looking at this picture I can remember the days of prep and loss of sleep but... It was really worth it in the end! Everyone who showed up this day had a good time! Even my littlest niece! She is so adorable!


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