Wedding Shower Pictures part one of three

YAY! Finally the pictures have arrived. Here are the Wedding Shower pictures that I have been anxiously waiting for. There are a lot so I will just start with the ones taken outside for today... I think that they turned out pretty well.
Here are the two parents with the bride and groom to be
Parents of the bride... We think they are the best!

Joe is telling Clayton a joke
This is my sweet family!
My son and daughter in law to be. They are so cute
Two besties they are so cute

My brother in law and my niece with her sweet baby
One of my sisters and her sweet family
My and Joe's parents

Here stands most of the family but some of the them had to leave early. I have three sisters missing and a brother missing with some nieces and nephews I am one of eight siblings. Any way here are the pictures of the outside for the most part. I will post more later 


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