Wedding Shower Part two of three

I spent so much time preparing the games and figuring out what desserts to make for the dessert table that I forgot to prepare a center piece for the tables until three days before the shower sooooooo, I purchased these cool bags and just put some balloons inside and threw some confetti on the tables and called it good. I was a little upset with myself for neglecting this part but I do not think it turned out too bad.
I had my sister make the stickers for these apple cider bottles and I think they turned out really good! everyone loved them and they seemed to be a big hit with my sweet daughter in law to be!

I had wanted to make a rose cake for the center piece of our dessert table but I ran out of time. Here I am throwing on the frosting on this cake it literally took me less than two minutes to put frosting on this unfortunate yummy cake but the roses had to be tossed because the party was starting and I was still in the kitchen cooking, decorating and wrapping things up
All right "Cake Boss" I am not but..... it tasted very good. I really do know how to decorate a cake and in the past I have made a few wedding cakes and other occasion cakes to great applause :-)
Here is an assembly line...... I am so happy that I had LOTS of hands to help!
Here is the last of it... Yay let the party start
 Here is my dessert table minus the cake because I am still frosting it at this moment! lol I had so much fun making all these deserts and they were yummylicious.... Mmmm the monster cookies were the best
Taffy, Caramel apples, Smor's pops, Mini panda cupcakes, cheese cake stuffed chocolate covered strawberries, caramel chocolate covered pretzel's, Home made reeses peanut butter cups, heart shaped rice krispy treats, red velvet cheese cake stuffed cream cheese frosting cup cakes and peanut butter chocolate pudding parfaits.... MMMM so much goodness!
Okay so we are not a normal family and so we do not do things in a normal way!!! Like the games for this wedding shower... I came across a game for a wedding shower that has you give advice, silly advice and problem advice to the engaged couple so I thought how could we amp this up... That is where Lucy comes in. It is just a decoration but the blue blanket that Linus is holding is a table cover for the table where they fill out the advice forms then the best silly advice gets a prize
This is a date night table where you make suggestions to the happy couple for different date ideas for the first year of their marriage. I had twelve months set out on twelve different scrap book pages with four places for people to put down their ideas... There were cute ideas left for them
 This table was the "Family Recipes" table. In the invitation I asked everyone to bring there favorite recipe to start the happy couple off with a bunch of family recipes so I decorated the table as a picnic just to represent food. The green book is where every one put the recipe cards all filled out and she now has a few recipes to start with
 Here is a really fun game but simple. All you have to do here to win a prize is to guess a total dollar amount for all of the items shown here. The back drop board has lights that blink white and blue.
Then next is this table where I have a collection of engagement pictures and it was just a back drop for the bride and groom question game. I gave an introduction in the beginning of the party with information about the happy couples life from birth to now. Late they would fill out forms and hopefully remember what I said. This game was a lot of fun. The board really was a lot more pretty than this picture shows but there were to many lights to see its full effect. Well that is all for today... I will post more later


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