Waiting, waiting, waiting

 I feel like I am in limbo just maybe if you listen really close you can hear me saying
"Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!!!" You know kind of like the Mervyns commercial where the lady is standing outside the store with her face pressed up against the window waiting for them to open the doors and she is saying "Open, open, open"
JUST KIDDING... Not really 
while I am waiting for the wedding shower pictures I will post some fun stuff from this week

Well here are a few pictures I have taken this week
So I came home from work on Tuesday and found this Yellow rose poking her little head out from under the climbing rose bush and was shocked! I did not remember planting it. Then on further reflection I vaguely remember planting this mini rose bush some time ago but it never grew because my sweet husband who cares for the front yard thought that it was a weed and kept using the weed eater on it each week so the poor thing did not have a chance. Then one day in horror I watched as he chopped it down I told him that it was a rose bush (it was more like yelling noooooooooo in slow motion lol) I guess after five years of abuse it is still capable of growing!
Then on Wednesday my husband pointed out the birds nest we have in the tree in our front yard with little baby's inside. I had no idea it was there! I walk under it everyday when I get into my car each morning and the birds never make a sound. The nest is pretty well hidden but up close you can see it. I am so happy they chose my tree to nest in! I love birds
Then on Thursday night I received this beautiful flame less candle with my sweet baby girls face on it from a very sweet woman who just happens to be my friend and neighbor. She is so crafty and knows the right thing for this mothers heart! So this was the good things that happened this week... We will not mention the blown car radiator... or the broken air conditioner unit in our house in the middle of summer... that would just put a damper on things right


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