The Fathers in my life

Celebrating the fathers in my life today (but with a little twist) This man in the photo above goes by the name of Buddy. He was my bio dad or what I so lovingly call my Sperm Donor. He was for the first twelve years of my life an alcoholic, womanizer, gambler and abuser of us children and much, much more. My mother left him when I was twelve years old and he never contacted us again until I was grown with adult children of mine own. I would have not contacted him then but his mother my grandmother was heart broken and wanted to see her son before she died, so...... I found him and took her to see him several times before she passed in 2002. I continued to see him for some years then he and I dealt with the abuse he put upon me and we were able to be in each others company until he passed all alone in a nursing home in 2011 from cancer. I learned compassion for this used up man because of the life he had led. He suffered the consequences of his actions from his life by ending up with no friends, no family who cared enough to be in contact with him in any way shape or form. Often he would ask me "Why will no one forgive me like you have?" I told him that he couldn't expect people to forgive him like I did unless he asked for forgiveness and owned up to what he had done. You cannot give forgiveness to someone unless they ask. He never asked for forgiveness of me but in order to be in his presents I had to have a forgiving heart towards him. He of course did not ask forgiveness of anyone being ashamed of the things he had done to people there by being unable to face them again. So... I learned what a father should not be.

Then came along this man 
This is the man that my mother married. He was everything that my bio dad was not. He took us fishing, sail boating, camping, he even took us out to dinner, and he even taught us how to bowl. What he taught us was endless it was like he knew everything and was willing to be with us and share with us his knowledge because he had respect for us kids... Something I was not use to in a father figure. He cared about us as people not objects and I had not known that from a father figure. When he and my mother married he told us that he understood what had happened to us and would never hurt us but that he made it his responsibility to care for us as a real father should. He kept his promise and became the father of my heart and I love him as any daughter does her father that treats her like a daughter and not an object. In my heart THIS is whom I refer to as my FATHER! because he is. I do not have his genes in my body but he is the father of my heart and soul! I love you dad thank you for being the great man and father in my life so that I know what it is like to have one that is honorable and lovable! I have had other men in my life that have shown me that men can be honorable and can care for women the way they should be cared for. 

Like for instance this sweet man
This is my father in law and not another great man can be found. I can remember when we first brought our first born home he was there waiting and took our baby on a tour of the house talking to her and introducing her to her home. He was born in Peru and said that it is customary for patriarchs of the family to do this ritual with his blessings for an event like this. I was and am still proud to call him papa! I love this man whom has a great sense of family and responsibility. He owns it and follows through with it. He would give you the shirt off of his back if you asked it of him. I never hear him complain about ANYTHING! What a fine example of fatherhood is he. 

This is the day that dad and mom took us out for dinner
Here dad is being silly with his ice cream
And another fine example of father hood is Uncle Al... What a great man we love him too.
Here are mom and dad... Love them
Dad and mom on a train trip with us... That is my little bro in the brown shirt
 My dad with my lil sis and my baby girl
 Having fun on the train with my family... Little baby girl in the red shirt top right
 And here is the best father in the world to my children! I love this great man! I am so proud to call him mine I love you heart of my heart! Happy Fathers Day!


  1. What a beautiful tribute to those great men.....glad you have been blessed by so many fine gentlemen in your life. x


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