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Wedding Shower Part two of three

I spent so much time preparing the games and figuring out what desserts to make for the dessert table that I forgot to prepare a center piece for the tables until three days before the shower sooooooo, I purchased these cool bags and just put some balloons inside and threw some confetti on the tables and called it good. I was a little upset with myself for neglecting this part but I do not think it turned out too bad.
I had my sister make the stickers for these apple cider bottles and I think they turned out really good! everyone loved them and they seemed to be a big hit with my sweet daughter in law to be!

I had wanted to make a rose cake for the center piece of our dessert table but I ran out of time. Here I am throwing on the frosting on this cake it literally took me less than two minutes to put frosting on this unfortunate yummy cake but the roses had to be tossed because the party was starting and I was still in the kitchen cooking, decorating and wrapping things up
All right …

Wedding Shower Pictures part one of three

YAY! Finally the pictures have arrived. Here are the Wedding Shower pictures that I have been anxiously waiting for. There are a lot so I will just start with the ones taken outside for today... I think that they turned out pretty well.
Here are the two parents with the bride and groom to be Parents of the bride... We think they are the best!

Muah! Joe is telling Clayton a joke This is my sweet family! My son and daughter in law to be. They are so cute Two besties they are so cute

My brother in law and my niece with her sweet baby One of my sisters and her sweet family My and Joe's parents
Here stands most of the family but some of the them had to leave early. I have three sisters missing and a brother missing with some nieces and nephews I am one of eight siblings. Any way here are the pictures of the outside for the most part. I will post more later 


Have you ever heard of PicMonkey? I love it for editing pictures. This picture is so funny... This was my husband's foot resting on our dog Bubba. I thought the look on Bubba's face was so funny it was like he was saying "who do you think you are?" so I pulled out my camera and he yawned right when the camera clicked and this is the picture I took. I put the caption on the bottom and it really looks like he is yelling lol I love this picture.

Waiting, waiting, waiting

I feel like I am in limbo just maybe if you listen really close you can hear me saying
"Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!!!" You know kind of like the Mervyns commercial where the lady is standing outside the store with her face pressed up against the window waiting for them to open the doors and she is saying "Open, open, open"
JUST KIDDING... Not really 
while I am waiting for the wedding shower pictures I will post some fun stuff from this week

Well here are a few pictures I have taken this week
So I came home from work on Tuesday and found this Yellow rose poking her little head out from under the climbing rose bush and was shocked! I did not remember planting it. Then on further reflection I vaguely remember planting this mini rose bush some time ago but it never grew because my sweet husband who cares for the front yard thought that it was a weed and kept using the weed eater on it each week so the poor thing did not have a chance. Then one day in horror I watche…
I got word from the photographer today that her computer was broken and that is why I do not have the pictures from the Wedding shower yet... But she sent me an email telling me that I should have them soon. YAY!!!! I can hardly wait

The Fathers in my life

Celebrating the fathers in my life today (but with a little twist) This man in the photo above goes by the name of Buddy. He was my bio dad or what I so lovingly call my Sperm Donor. He was for the first twelve years of my life an alcoholic, womanizer, gambler and abuser of us children and much, much more. My mother left him when I was twelve years old and he never contacted us again until I was grown with adult children of mine own. I would have not contacted him then but his mother my grandmother was heart broken and wanted to see her son before she died, so...... I found him and took her to see him several times before she passed in 2002. I continued to see him for some years then he and I dealt with the abuse he put upon me and we were able to be in each others company until he passed all alone in a nursing home in 2011 from cancer. I learned compassion for this used up man because of the life he had led. He suffered the consequences of his actions from his life by ending up with…

Wrap up

I am posting these pictures of my last bit of preparations from the wedding shower that happened last week end. I am waiting anxiously for the professional pictures so that I can show the final turn out for the party! It by the way was a great success!
Here are some of the treats that I am going to share over several posts when I get the developed pictures in detail.
In this picture at the top is one of my sister who volunteered her time to make this day a great success  Here is one of the decorations that we made but it is not finished here, I will have more pictures later
Here is the room that we used for the shower before we decorated. The after pictures I hope will be great!
Looking at this picture I can remember the days of prep and loss of sleep but... It was really worth it in the end! Everyone who showed up this day had a good time! Even my littlest niece! She is so adorable!