More shower prep

I am in the middle of a whirl wind and am feeling a little over whelmed because I am getting the last bit ready for the great day coming up.

I shared a post here about a shower that I am preparing for but it looks like I forgot to mention that it was for my son and daughter in law to be.
We are having a Co-Ed shower so that the many members of my family can attend and get to know our daughter in law.
You see we live almost three hours away from everyone and so we do not visit to often but when we get together we do it right... You will see lol.
My poor house looks like a disaster zone! I had a couple of friends stop by today to visit and I told them that my house is driving me nuts... They laughed and then offered to help me in any way they could... So sweet! It is so great to have friends! They make the world a better place


  1. I am sure that all your hard work will not go unnoticed...such a special occasion is very exciting. x

  2. Thank you Bron, I am really looking forward to it call coming together!


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