More Old sac pictures

 Speed boat coming up the river next to our boat... I love being on the water

 This small restaurant is a very good one according to the Sacramento bee news paper I am not a fan of sea food... Kind of funny considering that I was born in the bay area and the ocean was my back yard
 Here are a couple of ships moored 

 This ship is from the second world war era, it was brought in to protect Sacramento then left abandoned. Next it was sold to a privet party and they abandoned it too. Now it is home to many water critters. 
 The day was a really great day to be out so there are many people on the water today
 Here is the Delta King... It is an old ship that now is a floating hotel. Here is a little history from his many years

 Bridge # 1
 I have been across this bridge before waiting for the ships that travel underneath 
 Bridge # 2
 This bridge is a symbol associated with Sacramento. It cost one million to build
 When it came time to paint it the cost was 2 Million... So that means the paint job was twice the cost building it...hummm 
Bridge # 3 if you look real close you can see that there is a line above that boat, this is where two rivers meet and the water color is different. Well that is all for today, I will post the rest of the pictures later. Thank you mom and dad for going with us, we loved having you!


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