Loved my weekend

Woke up to this
It was filled with these
So yummy
For Three years I have had this special Mother's Day special treat and I LOVE THEM!
Chocolate and Strawberry's yummm
. And next I was treated to a bbq dinner by my sweet husband
 My little one wanted some attention so he crawled onto my lap then my lap top lol
 He is a little tired
 Now he is napping... Excuse me Peanut... I need to use that lol.
OH! I almost forgot about my other mother's day gift but that needs a post all by its self, I will add that one later! I LOVE that one too! Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there.


  1. So lovely that you were spoilt...and those strawberries look divine...did you have to share them? xxx

  2. lol, no I did not have to share them they said that they were all mine. But you know what we as moms do sometimes. They stood watching and as I said do you want some? They said "REALY???" with surprised expressions. It was funny even as grown children they can still get happy about simple things


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