My Birthday Cake! On the bottom it says "To my desert onion" That is an pet name that my husband has for me, he has called me that for thirty one years
Here I am trying not to get sun burnt but doing a bad job at it. My arm is in the sun and getting red. I did manage not to get to sun burnt though which is great!
My family gave me a birthday party today. My parents in law came down from Reno to visit and they took us to the river for a cruse on the "Hornblower"  We had a really great day but my poor feet are now barking at me lol.
Here are a couple having fun on the river
This dad was teaching his boys how to fish... What a great dad
A couple resting on the rivers edge
Another couple of families getting ready to go on the river
Another man fishing, there was not a shortage of fishers today
The small stick like things in this picture are people on the shore line. SO Small!
I have more pictures to add but I am way to tired so I will add them later, now its time for rest!


  1. Happy Birthday lovely...what a special family you have giving you such a lovely day. Have a great week.

  2. Thank you Sweet Bron! They do treat me very good I feel very blessed to have them in my life! Very Blessed!


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