I passed a man today, like I do every day. He stands on the same corner day after day with his small cardboard sign that simply states "God Bless" I pass men and women like this man all day long, on every corner in every city that I visit every day. I sometimes pay attention and sometimes turn my head away. My heart aches for them. The reason they are there is not as important as the plain and simple fact that they are there. I often wonder about their stories and the circumstances that led them to their life on the streets. But today when I came to the corner where this man stands he was bent over in half... I thought to myself "he must be ill" the temperature being about 96 deg. I thought maybe he is dehydrated. I glanced at his hands and they were swollen, he must be ill. As I sat waiting for the light to change he started his walk down the sidewalk showing his sign to the people all lined up next to me waiting for it to change. I noticed that he hung his head down not looking up at the people as he walked, my heart wanted to hug this man, I wanted to take him home and tell him that he could stay with me and heal... BUT! Living in the world we do today that is not something safe to do, unfortunately. As I drove off I thought about my life, my family, and the materiel things in my life. I have been blessed to have, and to belong, and am loved by many! I want that for everyone, EVERYONE! This man has not left my thoughts and I hope for a better life for him... As I sit here writing this post (my 300th post by the way) on my computer, in my air conditioned home, after having eaten my dinner and a beverage of my choice, after playing with my animals and spending time with my family I feel extremely appreciative for the blessings I have. I do not take for granted any of it. I try to honor my sweet baby girl Amanda by trying to live life like she did, loving people, helping everyone and finding joy in the smallest of things.


  1. What a beautiful post....congrats on documenting the journey. xx


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