Back Yard times

trumpet vine
Walking through my back yard I noticed that it is not as well cared for as my front yard and thought "This could be my oasis from the world but... and that is a big BUT, I have to actually do something to make it happen. here are some pictures of things that are growing in spite of me neglecting them in my back yard, poor baby's I need to take better care of them...
mini agapanthus 

another trumpet vine
wandering jew 

a free rose bush from my neighbors yard growing through my fence
I have no idea what this is called but I like it

This is a plant that my brother in law gave me that is being choked out poor thing I have to rescue it
and this too, it is my century tree it is covered with dead evergreen leaves and weeds
last but not least is my jade tree, it is twenty five years old... I have to get a better picture so that you can see the size. It stands four and 1/2 feet high. Looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me, phew!


  1. Backyards are something to be treasured these many houses don't even have them ....we have a lovely big garden but boy does it need work too...time is on short supply round here. xx

  2. I know... it seems that way, I remember when I was a teen we had a back yard that you could put a small house in but today they are disappearing with all the newly built houses so close you can jump from roof to roof... Too close for comfort.


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