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More shower prep

I am in the middle of a whirl wind and am feeling a little over whelmed because I am getting the last bit ready for the great day coming up.

I shared a post here about a shower that I am preparing for but it looks like I forgot to mention that it was for my son and daughter in law to be.
We are having a Co-Ed shower so that the many members of my family can attend and get to know our daughter in law.
You see we live almost three hours away from everyone and so we do not visit to often but when we get together we do it right... You will see lol.
My poor house looks like a disaster zone! I had a couple of friends stop by today to visit and I told them that my house is driving me nuts... They laughed and then offered to help me in any way they could... So sweet! It is so great to have friends! They make the world a better place

Last of my Old Town Sacramento trip pic's

We are standing on the original level of what use to be the town, after so many floods they raised the entire town up but here and a couple of other places you can see the old street level and you can even take a limited tour through some of the older old town.
 Here are some of the old columns that are still laying around, the tree has grown over this one

 Some Granite 

 This is now just a spot of interest with abandoned columns laying around

 This spot is across the street from the abandoned columns and is a place where the famous group "Ghost Adventurers" came one day to do an investigation down under the new old town sac. It was a really great episode and I loved watching it.   They were locked in over night and visited all the old store fronts that are under ground, I would love to take that tour one day. 

More Old sac pictures

Speed boat coming up the river next to our boat... I love being on the water
 This small restaurant is a very good one according to the Sacramento bee news paper I am not a fan of sea food... Kind of funny considering that I was born in the bay area and the ocean was my back yard  Here are a couple of ships moored 
 This ship is from the second world war era, it was brought in to protect Sacramento then left abandoned. Next it was sold to a privet party and they abandoned it too. Now it is home to many water critters.   The day was a really great day to be out so there are many people on the water today  Here is the Delta King... It is an old ship that now is a floating hotel. Here is a little history from his many years

 Bridge # 1  I have been across this bridge before waiting for the ships that travel underneath   Bridge # 2  This bridge is a symbol associated with Sacramento. It cost one million to build  When it came time to paint it the cost was 2 Million... So that means the …

More pictures from Old Town Sac

Here mom and dad are in front of the Old town sac sign  This is a large event center piece of grass for events that come to old town sac  Old buildings  From right to left, my husband, mom, Michael and his sweet girl friend  More old buildings 

 Dad and Joe waiting for us women

 Its hard to see but there are a just married couple running down at the end of the dock... so sweet

 Michael and his girlfriend talking about the train