Sweet little momma

Out side of our front door there sits on our neighbors front porch a sweet little bird. She/he has been making a nest over the last month or so. When we walk out the front door often they would chatter and fly away. That stopped a couple of weeks ago and they have become silent. I am guessing that they had little eggs and that was the reason for the silence. This was confirmed last week when we found this out side our front door.
We guessed that something was wrong with it and the parents removed it from the nest.
It appears that the parents or some other predator has broken the egg, you can see the damage (next to the arrow) done here. Then this morning my son went out side and found another egg
This one is not broken yet. You can see the egg has a slight color change on the ends kind of like it had been frozen. 
The egg looks like it is full unlike the other egg. We think that they pushed it out last night. I am not sure how they got the egg from my neighbors front porch to ours because it is a good eight feet or more distance. 
This little momma must know something about the two little eggs she has pushed out of her nest but we will never know. 
She is very still here watching as my son takes these pictures.


  1. We have many birds nest like that at our place....very interesting study to watch their behaviors....we made the mistake though of allowing the sweet willy wag tails nest and they took us hostage for weeks !!!

  2. Oh no... I bet that was hard. They are pretty little things but they look mad all the time with their little white eye brows lol.


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